The unasked question…Will the guests hear our vows?

More and more clients are having their wedding ceremony at the reception venue, both indoors and out.  Unfortunately the forgotten and unasked question is…Will the guests hear our vows?  I wish I had a different answer, but they most likely won’t hear you and your soon to be husband/wife.  Your guests may have traveled from across town or across the world and they want to hear the ceremony.  Couples often don’t think about hiring their Wedding DJ to also provide ceremony services.

Here is how you solve that problem. While looking at the picture below, what do you see? Or not see?

Wedding Ceremony
©Alison Lassiter Photography

The simple answer is lapel microphones, one on the Groom and one of the Officiant.  They are small and unobtrusive. What you’re not seeing are wired microphones or microphones on stands that may detract from your wedding photos. Believe it not, your Wedding DJ can seriously harm your wedding photos with messy equipment and wires.

Sadly many Wedding DJs skip microphones all together or do not use enough, hence why your guests can not hear the ceremony.  For my ceremonies, I use two or three microphones.  The third would be an additional wireless microphone available for ceremony readings or songs. Remember, I can provide more than just processional and recessional songs for your ceremony. Ask about how I can make your ceremony better and ensure your guests can hear your entire ceremony.

Thanks to Alison Lassiter Photography for capturing this amazing photo of MaCyn & Reid’s ceremony at Rivermill at Dover Landing.