First Dance & Parent Dances – How long is too long?

Once in a while my clients will ask me this question…’Is the length of our First Dance or Parent Dance song too long?’

The first answer is always, ‘That decision is up to you.’  If you want to dance with your fiance or parent to a song that is 5 minutes long, you should do so.  Though if you want to shorten it up, I recommend songs that are roughly 3:30 minutes in length.  A song in the 3-4 minutes range allows your photographer to get the right shots and for you to enjoy the moment.  When songs are much longer the people dancing and the crowd eventually lose interest.

If you have a significantly longer song your DJ could fade out at an appropriate point.  The second option is to ask your DJ to pre-record a shorter version of the song, either by removing portions of the beginning/end of the song or by removing entire verses.

For a Father/Daughter dance a Bride requested Tim McGraw’s ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’.  I was asked to remove the lyrics ‘I know he’ll say that he’s in love…But between you and me…He won’t be good enough.’ By removing the entire verse I was able to satisfy the Bride and the guests never heard the difference.